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2022 Professor 陳成慶 Memorial Scholarship Winner Announcement

This scholarship was established by Dr. 盧博彥, an alumnus of the class of 1974 

The source of this fund is from the scholarship donated by "介唐公益信託社會福利基金"


Master’s Sophomore,李○儒,Student ID R10524○○8,NTD $100,000

Master’s Freshman,胡○賢,Student ID R11524○○4,NTD $100,000

Bachelor’s Senior,林○庭,Student ID B08504○○4,NTD $100,000

Master’s Freshman,陳○均,Student ID R11524○○5,NTD $100,000


The origin of 陳成慶 Memorial Scholarship

Professor 陳成慶 (1920.12.16~2016.5.7) is an honorary professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU). He worked at NTU for 40 years (1951.08~1991.01) and had cultivated many talented students. Professor 陳成慶 studied in Taipei No. 1 Middle School (now Jianguo High School) and Tainan Higher Industrial Technical School (now the Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Cheng Kung University) in his early years. Upon graduation, he went to the Department of Chemical Machinery (now the Department of Applied Chemistry) of the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan for advanced study. After graduating in 1945, he returned to Taiwan. In 1951, Professor 陳成慶taught in the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTU. Professor Chen focused on the fields of transport phenomena, powder technology, and design of chemical units . Professor Chen’s contributions to chemical engineering research and education include the establishment of the first domestic chemical machinery laboratory (now the unit operation laboratory), the establishment of the powder analysis laboratory, and the promotion of the "chemical engineering science" education. During his department chair period, he planned and supervised the construction of the first ChemE department building. Professor Chen has made major breakthroughs and contributions to the chemical industry, including the design and development of production equipment and the optimization of mass production process. Professor Chen retired from the Department in 1991 as an honorary professor.

Dr. 盧博彥, an alumnus of the class of 1974 in the Department of Chemical Engineering, to appreciate his mentor Professor 陳成慶, establishes this scholarship to commemorate the late Professor 陳成慶. This scholarship also supports outstanding students from financially struggling families to concentrate on their studies and contribute to the society.