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Congratulations to Outstanding Alumnus 蕭慈飛 for receiving the 11th ITRI Academician

Certification at a ceremony held by the Industrial Technology Research Institute on November 11. Among the new academicians, 蕭慈飛 is a senior consultant of 長興 Materials, and an alumnus of the Department of Chemical Engineering. The ceremony was personally authorized by President 蔡英文.


蕭慈飛 has contributed to the growth and transformation of 長興 Materials, and achieved the goal of increasing domestic resourcing of materials for Taiwan's electronics manufacture. In recent years, he has devoted himself to domestic enterprise transformation as a volunteer. 蕭慈飛 said that certain geographical conditions, system technology, talented people, etc. are required to be a leader in materials fields, therefore Taiwan cannot be in the leading position. Taiwan needs the Industrial Technology Research Institute to facilitate cooperation between government and private industry as it did when it assisted the semiconductor industry. He also suggested that Taiwan should study southern Taiwan underwater technology, the agricultural and food industries and the development of biotechnology.


Congratulations to alumnus 蕭慈飛


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