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Congratulations to the students who won English Oral Paper Presentation Competitions and Poster Presentation Competitions at the 2022 69th TwIChE Annual Meeting and the 2022 ICGET-Tw International Conference on Green Electrochemical Technologies.

2022 69th  TwIChE Annual Meeting English Oral Paper Presentation Competition


Merit Award,  Student 廖晟宏(Advisor: Prof. Nae-Lih Wu)

Merit Award,  Student 陳璽(Advisor: Prof. Nae-Lih Wu)

Honorable Mention,  Student 陳威翔(Advisor: Prof. Nae-Lih Wu)


2022 69th  TwIChE Annual Meeting English Poster Presentation Competition


Merit Award,  Student林建勳(Advisor: Prof. Cheng-Liang Chen)

Honorable Mention,  Student黃品誠(Advisor: Prof. Nae-Lih Wu)

Merit Award,  Takorn Plengsangsri (Student 劉宇皓)(Advisor: Prof. Jeffrey D. Ward)


2022 ICGET-TwInternational Conference on Green Electrochemical Technologies English Poster Presentation Competition
Honorable Mention, 劉浩汶、陳威翔 Students(Advisor: Prof. Nae-Lih Wu)