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【Undergraduate Thesis Award】The 7th 2022 Academic Year Undergraduate Thesis Award

The 7th 2022 Academic Year Undergraduate Thesis Award competition will begin soon, For those who are interested, please refer to the attached files, review the process flowchart and the Undergraduate Thesis Award webpage on the school website. Please pay attention to the following key points and schedule:

1.    Qualification:

Applicants should have been enrolled in an undergraduate program at NTU when the thesis was written and should be the main researcher and writer of the thesis. The majority of the work must be completed within the applicants time in school. If the thesis is co-written, the contribution of each author should be specified in detail, and all researchers need to sign and certify a statement of the contribution of each author.

2.    Application deadline for the Department of Chemical Engineering:

Friday, April 21, 2023

3.    How to apply:

Applicants should apply to their department office according to the application regulations and thesis format announced within the current year, together with the following materials:

(1) Three copies of the student thesis (including the electronic file and an approval letter from the oral examination committee)

(2) A Recommendation letter from the student's thesis advisor (no format limitation).

4.    Review procedure:

(1) In the first stage, each department will select 20% of the theses that meet the application qualifications as the recommendation list for the thesis award. The selected theses will be sent to each respective college for second stage of selection.

(2) In the second stage, each college will review and rank the recommended theses from each department, and recommend one person to participate in the school's Fu Ssu-nien Award. The rest will be awarded the Dean's Award or Excellent Work Award.

(3) In the third stage, the school will form an "Undergraduate Thesis Award Review Committee" to review the recommended theses from each college, and to approve up to 6 Fu Ssu-nien awards and several School President's Awards. The others will be awarded the Dean's Award.

(4) The winners will be awarded certificates; the Fu Ssu-nien Award winners will receive an award of NTD $10,000 each, and the School President's Award winners will receive an award of NTD $6,000 each.

5. Undergraduate Thesis Award webpage (including the application and review system, paper format specification, related files and form downloads):

6. On-campus advisors of winners can receive a guidance awad of NTD $2,000 for each thesis, and the oral examination committee members can receive examination review fee of NTD $1,000 for each thesis. Off-campus instructors' transportation expenses will be reimbursed according to the terms described in "碩、博士生學位考試審查費、論文指導費、校外委員交通費支給標準".