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(Announcement) Winner of Yee Fong Chemical Company Scholarship for Outstanding Doctoral Students in the First Semester of 2022 Academic Year

This scholarship is sponsored by Yee Fong Chemical & Industrial Co


Doctoral Program - Junior Student,曾○呈,Student ID D09524○○5,Scholarship NTD $300,000

※Key points

1. The scholarship will be paid in three equal parts for three years, NTD $100,000 each year.

2. If the awardees take a leave of absence or decide to suspend their studies after enrollment, their scholarships will not be reserved, and they must apply again after returning to school.

3. If the awardees suspend their studies, withdraw from school, graduate, or change their status to non-doctoral students after enrollment, their scholarships will be suspended.

4. If the awardees have poor academic performance or have a major conduct violation after enrollment, their qualifications will be revoked, and their scholarships will be suspended with the approval of the review committee.


Reasons of the Sponsorship

Yee Fong Chemical & Industrial Co. advocates the spirit of giving back and contributing, therefore, this scholarship is especially set up to encourage outstanding doctoral students from the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Chemical Engineering, so as to improve the research atmosphere and strengthen industrial competitiveness.