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[Announcement-Summer Internship] 2023 Yungshin Summer Internship Program Recruiting (till 03/31)

2023 Yungshin Summer Internship Program】Recruiting


For those who have been expecting the "Yungshin Summer Internship Program",

after three years, our internship program is back!

Students are welcome to enter the pharmaceutical factory for hands-on experience.

Exploration of various fields will change the future of those who attend.

Join Yungshin summer internship program now; this is an outstanding opportunity!
1. Time: Till 2023/3/31

2. Internship information:
(1.) Internship period:2023/7/31~2023/8/25. Internship period will be one month.

(2.) Quota: up to three students from each school, our company reserves the right to adjust the quota and corresponding activities.
(3.) Departments open for application:

【R & D department】Drug trials, drug development process, operation of HPLC and other instruments, experimental analytical validation
【Quality Management and Production Department】Standard drug manufacturing practice, drug quality management practice, drug inspection practice, and factory inspection practice
【Marketing Department】Marketing hands-on practice、Literature review and data marketing, market positioning, product evaluation

**Reminder: For registration, personal autobiography, academic transcripts for each academic year (including merit record), and teacher recommendation letters are required~

【Sign-up Website】
Registration Form

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For any questions, you are welcome to call or write to::

Human Resources Office 04-26875100 Ext. 131 Ms. 傅