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【Announcement - Summer Internship】2023 DuPont Taiwan Summer Internship Recruitment(till 5/15)

2023 DuPont Taiwan Summer Internship Recruitment has officially started!

Are you confused about entering the work force? Are you concerned about the gap between school and work?

Don't worry, the DuPont 2023 Summer Internship Program has started!

This program provides students an opportunity to become familiar with the work environment and helps them find an ideal workspace.

This year’s internship program continues the previous year’s mentor system. Each intern will be guided by a department head in person, so that they can understand their own strengths and maximize their potential.

During the internship period, the company will regularly check in with the interns, so that they can understand and integrate into our team more quickly and have the opportunity to communicate with people in other departments.

During the final stage of the internship, there will also be a progress report presentation, allowing each intern to share their experience with everyone.

Submit your resume now and become a part of DuPont!


★Personal strength development

·       One-to-one mentor system

·       Introduction of factory plants and business entities

·       Personal project

·       Progress report presentation

★Application conditions

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s/Ph.D. student in science and engineering/business/humanities field
  • Time: 2023/07/01~2023/08/31, at least 6 weeks


  • DuPont Taipei Office
  • DuPont Dayuan Plant
  • DuPont Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park I
  • DuPont Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park II


  • Bachelor’s (per hour): NTD $210
  • Master’s (per hour): NTD $230
  • Ph.D. (per hour): NTD $250

★Further information


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