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Department Outer Activities

Every March is the time when rhododendrons bloom.
This is the time when high school students ponder which department to study in the future having just finished their big exam.
In order for high school students to know more about the various departments of the National Taiwan University,
NTU held the "Rhododendrons Festival".

There will be a series of clubs and department fairs.
Whether it is a department you want to know about or a community you are interested in;
you are welcome to come and ask the seniors.
They will solve all kinds of problems for you.

If you have any questions, you can also contact us privately via the fan club!
Don't miss this annual opportunity to get a glimpse of NTU.
Fan Club website:


Being the most prestigious Chemical Engineering Department in Taiwan, we are confident to bring knowledge, inspiration, memories, and motivation to every participating high school student in this camp. During the camp, there will be group activities and intellectual courses. In the activities, we hope to emphasize group cooperation, while in the course, we wish to let all high school students have a profound understanding of the Department of Chemical Engineering, and also determine for themselves whether this is a suitable road to choose for the future. In addition, we will also be entering the laboratory to conduct some interesting experiments! All in all, we will continue to do our best and bring invalue experiences for everyone who participated. Everyone is welcome to sign up for - National Taiwan University Chemical Engineering Camp!


During the two-day camp, you will learn the basic concepts of chemical reaction, and how to practically solve problems that you’ve learned in class, you will then build a toy car driven by the energy produced by chemical reaction. This task combines chemical reactions with circuit design, so the car can automatically stop before the finish line.
What you will obtain:
1. A profound understanding of the Department of Chemical Engineering
2. Opportunities to practically apply classroom knowledge​
3. The sense of achievement brought by hands-on projects