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Chemical Engineering Building Renovation Project

Thanks to the participation of department alumni and people from all fields, the fundraising for the Chemical Engineering 1st Building renovation project has been successfully completed. Special thanks go to all enthusiastic alumni and donators from all fields for their generous donations during the fundraising process. In particular, the chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering Alumni Committee, 楊銀明理事長, not only contribute lots of effort during the fundraising process, but also took the lead in donating 5 million NTD.


The renovation project has been approved by the school regulations team and the Taipei City Cultural Bureau. The total cost of the renovation project is 28.3 million NTD (currently estimated), and the school’s General Affairs Office and the School of Engineering subsidize 15 million NTD. Thanks to department alumni and enthusiastic people from all fields for their generous donations to make up for the lack of funds, this way the project can be successfully executed.


As follow-up, the department will continue to deliver progress report to alumni and donators from all fields. After the project is completed, the usage of the fund will also be declared. Thanks again for the support of the alumni and generous people from all fields regarding the renovation project of the department building!


Chemical Engineering 1st Building Renovation Project Progress Report

2022.1.13  第五次工程召標案公告,計有2家廠商投標並符合資格進入評選

2021.9.24  公告本案工程召標案

2021.8.26  召開本案工程標第1次評選會議(契約及投標廠商評選標準辦法審查)

2021.6.11  台北市文化局函復同意本案施工

2010.5.10  函請台北市文化局同意本案施工

2021.4.12  完成修正細部步設計圖說(屋頂全面加蓋斜屋頂)

2021.3.10  校園規劃小組同意本案工程施作,並同意屋頂全面加蓋斜屋頂

2021.1.13  召開本案細部步設計審查會議

2020.9.22  召開本系一館「化學工程館外牆整修與屋頂防水工程」(簡稱本案)初步設計審查會議

2020.5.29  召開技服投標廠商評選會議

2020.4.10  公告本系一館「化學工程館外牆整修與屋頂防水工程規劃設計監造技術服務」(簡稱技服)招標案