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The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1941 as the Department of Applied Chemistry. In 1945, it was reorganized and changed to the present status of the Department of Chemical Engineering. It is the earliest established chemical engineering department among all the universities in Taiwan. Since 1941, The department has graduated over 5,000 bachelors, 1350 masters and 130 doctors. The NTU chemical engineers devote themselves to the government, academia, and industries of Taiwan and the world – in research, engineering, and management positions.

An undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree has been offered since the establishment of the department. The Master of Science (MS) program was initiated in 1964 and the Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD) program in 1970. The Department now has 35 full-time faculty members. The current enrollment in this Department is 523 undergraduate students and 182 Master students and 114 Ph.D. candidates.

The Chemical Engineering Department has grown in strength and vitality and is now recognized as one of the best teaching and research institutes in Taiwan. With this excellent tradition, we are well prepared for the development of the chemical engineering in the 21st century. Besides the basic fields of chemical engineering, we also emphasize our teaching and research in the areas of New Material Science, Polymer Science and Engineering, Biotechnology, Pollution Prevention, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering and Specialty Chemicals. Students are educated with good ability in integrated process analysis and design, together with the concepts of industrial safety and environmental protection. With our continuing effort in teaching and research, we expect even greater progress of the department in the future.

The Department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University has been recognized as one of the best teaching and research institutions in the nation. With this excellent tradition, we are prepared to move toward the new century. Together with your support, we are confident that even greater progress will be made in the future.