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Transferring to Our Department


1. According to the 9th Article of Transfer Student Regulation, we only accept students with our department listed as their first choice.
2. For students applying for transfer, the overall average academic performance of the previous year (or the previous two years) must be at least 75 or above.
3. Sophomore transfer students shall repeat their sophomore year as they transfer over, but those who have completed more than two-thirds of the compulsory second-year credits of the department are exempt from this limitation.
4. Those with outstanding performances in Calculus, General Physics, and General Chemistry shall be priorly considered.
5. The admission quota for transfer students shall not be higher than the quota approved by the school.
6. The admissions and order of transfer students shall be decided by the admissions committee of the department with reference to the above principles.
Remarks: Transfer students should immediately take the required freshman subjects of our department in their first academic year after transfer.

1991/05/01 Departmental Meeting Passed
1996/11/13 First Amendment
2001/09/19 Second Amendment
2003/09/18 Third Amendment