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International Students

The NTU Department of Chemical Engineering sincerely welcomes international students to apply for admission to all degree programs (Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph. D.). Graduate programs (Master's and Ph. D.) can be completed in English. Information for current and prospective international students can be found on the website of the NTU Office of International Affairs. Please also refer to the following information:


The department hosts an annual gathering for international students. This is an opportunity for international students to ask questions and give feedback about any problems that they have encountered during their studies. There is also an NTU Chemical Engineering Student Association (The Facebook page is mostly in Chinese) which organizes social activities and provides support for all students in the department.


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Pictures from gathering for international students December 2023


If you have questions about applying to the department of chemical engineering as an international student, please contact Ms. Hui-Chun Liu in the department office at