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Research-Related Course Introduction


Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

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Looking at the development of solar cells and their position in the field of renewable energy, we will introduce the principle and structure of the third-generation solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, and analyze their future development. By hands-on assembling dye-sensitized solar cells, one can get a better understanding of solar cell composition and its practical application.


Chemical Engineering E-Car

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Starting from 1999, the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) holds a Chem-E-Car competition annually in the fall, students are asked to design and build their own toy car the size of a shoebox that uses chemical reactions to function and stop. This toy car must be able to carry a given load (0~500ml of water) for a specific distance (15~30 meters), the exact value of the specific load and distance will be given shortly before the competition. The Chem-E-Car competition is very popular in the chemical engineering community and is held every year at the AIChE conference and universities around the world. The competition, with appropriate modifications, is also used in high school competitions and college admission events. In Taiwan, including National Taiwan University, several universities had sent teams to participate in the Chem-E-Car competition. Taiwan also holds a nationwide Chem-E-Car competition for high school students. The idea is to give high school students some interesting experiences relating to chemical engineering. Chemical engineering is a very complex subject, most people and most high school students do not understand what chemical engineering is, so we would like to promote chemical engineering through the practical operation. In the Chemical Engineering E Car camp, we will first introduce some basic concepts of the chemical industry, and then, students will assemble and test their chemical vehicles. These activities are related to the basic concepts of chemistry, such as chemical reactions and thermodynamics, etc. We hope that all concepts will be delivered so that students can have a profound understanding of chemical engineering, and maybe one day contribute to Taiwan's economy and environmental protection themselves.