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Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University Professor 李少梅 Scholarship Announcement

This scholarship was established by Professor 呂維明 of our department

This fund is co-founded by Professor 呂維明 and 俊馳 Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Undergraduate Junior,邱○輝,Student ID B09504○○2, NTD $250,000

Undergraduate Senior,陳○熏,Student ID B08611○○3, NTD $170,000

Undergraduate Senior,江○慈,Student ID B08502○○3, NTD $40,000

Undergraduate Senior,呂○誠,Student ID B08504○○0, NTD $40,000


According to Article 8 of the Scholarship Regulation: "Students receiving this scholarship shall not receive other scholarship at the same time (except under certain circumstances, but the total amount of scholarship received shall not exceed NTD $250,000) ". To benefit more students from financially struggling families, the winners who are receiving school grants or other scholarships must report honestly, and the scholarship will be distributed with the appropriate amount deducted. Funds deducted will subsidize more students who are in need.