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【Announcement】亞福 Energy Storage Company - Recruitment of work-study partners

亞福 Energy Storage Company is located in 路竹科學園區, Kaohsiung. It is the first company in the world to commercialize aluminum batteries. It also promotes green power trading and carbon credits to provide diversified energy services.

This company is now recruiting industry-university cooperation work-study partners. During the cooperation, data collection, reports, and discussions will be issued for each battery unit. Work-study partners can use this opportunity to learn oral and written communication skills, and deepen their understanding of the energy industry. This may be beneficial for applicants’ future career. Students who are interested are welcome to join. 


【亞福 Energy Storage Company - work-study partners recruitment】


u  Company Profile

        亞福 Energy Storage Company is the first company to commercialize aluminum batteries, and it also promotes green power trading and carbon credits. It is a multi-service energy service provider. 亞福 emphasizes knowledge-intensive development and uses employees’ knowledge and intelligence systems to formulate the best strategy and create unique business models. We are full of innovation and vitality. Students who are interested are welcome to join! The detailed recruitment information is as follows:

u  【Contact】


R & D manager - 李怡嫻 Rula

T: 07-6955788#320 F: 07-6955388



u  【Number of people needed】

Requirement:5-10 people


u  【Job description】

Organize relevant information (such as the development of battery units and mechanisms)


u  【Work location】

Online meeting (Google Meet)

*Students shall arrange their work schedule by themselves. Video interaction will take place 1 hour once a week.


u  【Conditions】

(1) Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. students

(2) Familiar with Office application (PPTEXCEL)          

(3) Employment will be reevaluated based on performance during the previous month; those who can participate long-term are preferred.


u  【Salary】

NTD $6,000 per month


u  【Applying method】

Please visit this link to fill out the application form and upload the application information. After review, an online interview will be scheduled.

Registration period: from now until 23:59 on December 11, 2022

*Please integrate the application materials into one PDF file. The file size should not exceed 10MB.