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闕居振 教授 / Chu-Chen Chueh Professor

闕居振 教授
Chu-Chen Chueh
PHONE. (02)3366-1734
FAX. (02)2362-3040
OFFICE . 化工二館
PHONE. (02)3366-4685
    • Education Background
      • National Taiwan University   B.S. in Chemical Engineering  ,2004
      • National Taiwan University   Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering  ,2010
      • University of Washington Postdoc in Materials Science and Engineering,2011-2016


    • Research Topic
      • Solution processable organic/organic-inorganic hybrid materials have attracted increasing research interests in recent years due to their respectable compatibility for soft electronic applications and mass production. Our research focuses on the exploitation of solution processable organic/organic-inorganic hybrid semiconductors and the investigation of their structure-property relationship and associated opto-physical properties. With the fundamental understanding of material properties, we extend our knowledge to various kinds of printable opto-electronic devices including light-emitting diodes (LEDs), field-effect transistors (FETs), memory, and solar cells. Through the integrated and comprehensive studies including material exploration as well as interface/device engineering, we aim to develop novel solutions for the next generation printable opto-electronics and contribute to this society.
    1. 2017   Outstanding Reviewer for Materials Horizon (IF: 13.183) (SCI)
    2. 2018   2018 Highly Cited Researcher Recognized by Clarivate Analytics
    3. 2018   指導學生李佳欣、陳芷儀、陳炯翰獲台灣化工年會英語口頭競賽佳作
    4. 2018   指導學生蔡長紘獲臺灣大學科林論文獎碩士論文優等獎
    5. 2018   指導學生陳芷儀獲財團法人李長榮教育基金會獎學金-銀質獎
    6. 2019   指導學生陳炯翰獲臺灣大學學士班學生論文優良獎及化工系松柏優秀學士專題競賽最佳海報銅獎
    7. 2019   指導學生廖明筠獲財團法人李長榮教育基金會獎學金-銀質獎(第九屆)
    8. 2019   指導學生黃彥文獲台灣化工年會英語口頭競賽優勝
    9. 2019   指導學生陳芷儀獲2019 MOF workshop in Taiwan海報競賽優勝
    10. 2019   2019 Highly Cited Researcher Recognized by Clarivate Analytics
    11. 2017-2019   科技部“延攬特殊優秀人才獎勵”
    12. 2020   指導學生陳芷儀獲Bowei Research Conference of Taiwan 海報競賽優勝
    13. 2020   指導學生黃彥文獲化工系108學年度學士專題海報競賽松柏金獎
    14. 2020   指導學生黃彥文獲中國工程師學會學生分會工程論文材料組特優
    15. 2020   科技部優秀年輕學者計畫 (2020-2023)
    16. 2020   台灣化工學會學術勵進獎
    17. 2020   中華民國高分子學會傑出高分子青年科技獎
    18. 2020   I&EC Research 2020 Class of Influential Researchers
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