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陳誠亮 教授 / Cheng-Liang Chen Professor

陳誠亮 教授
Cheng-Liang Chen
PHONE. (02)2363-6194
FAX. (02)2362-3040
OFFICE. 化工一館217
LOCATION. 化工一館307
PHONE. (02)3366-3068
    • Education Background
      • National Taiwan University  B.S. Ch.E., 1979
      • National Taiwan University  M.S. Ch.E., 1981
      • National Taiwan University  PhD. Ch.E., 1987


    • Research Topic
      • Process Integration and OptimizationIn ordinary chemical plants, owing to the necessity of processes, heat exchangers are used frequently to retrieve as much heat energy as possible. On the other hand, mass exchangers for absoption and stripping, among other applications, are applied extensively to maintain the quality and quantity of some ingredients. Therefore, from the issue of how to integrate these heat and mass exchangers systematically, with a thorough perspective about the whole plant, to lower the cost of equipment and operation as well as lessening the environmental impact comes the so-called energy-mass integration problem. Based on mathematical programming for the purpose of process integration, this research aims for achieving various objects: the effective design of the whole-plant mass-energy exchange networks, energy as well as water reservation, and waste reduction. This technique has been extended to other applications such as plantwide water network, cooling water network, interplant steam power plant optimization, waste heat recovery from industrial processes, hybrid power systems analysis and design.


    • Recent Research Topic
      • Construction of Automatic Glucose Level Regulating System for Diabetic Patients 糖尿病患者血糖濃度自動調控管理系統之研究(3/3) Cheng-Liang Chen, Sponsored by National Science Council #NSC96-2221-E-002-151-MY3, NT$828,000, 8/1/2009-7/31/2010
      • 熱整合蒸餾系統之分析與設計(3/3) Sponsored by Economic Affairs Department #96-EC-17-A-09-S1-019, NT$1,100,000, 12/1/2009-11/30/2010
      • 先進操作系統運用之研究及發展計劃 Sponsored by 中技社 #08997, NT$478,000, 7/1/2009-6/30/2010
      • 整體工業園區內製程工廠間能源整合策略發展計畫 Development of Total-Site Energy Integration Strategies for Processing Plants on Industrial ParksSponsored by National Science Council NSC 98-3114-E-002 -009 -, NT$ 3,567,000, 11/1/2009-12/31/2010
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    2. Fu-Su-Nan Research Award, National Taiwan University, 2005.
    3. Professor An-Ping Su Award, Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2006
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