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呂宗昕 教授 / Chung-Hsin Lu Professor

呂宗昕 教授
Chung-Hsin Lu
PHONE. (02)2365-1428
FAX. (02)2362-3040
OFFICE. 化工一館112A
LOCATION. 化工一館106; 128;
PHONE. (02)3366-3017;
    • Education Background
      • National Taiwan University     B.S.Ch.E., 1983
      • Mater.Tokyo Institute of Technology M.S.Inorg. Mater., 1988
      • Mater.Tokyo Institute of Technology DrInorg. Mater., 1991
      • U. C. Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Lab Post-doctorMater., 1992


    • Research Topic

      Our lab focuses on the research related to energy materials, electro-optical materials, nano-materials, and semiconductor devices. We have educated a lot of Ph.D. and M.S. students. Most of graduates entered into the high-tech companies. A lot of graduates in the lab entered into the most famous semiconductor company-TSMC in Taiwan.

      • Solar Cells and Semiconductor Devices
        For the development of energy industry, the synthesis technology of CIGS and perovskite thin films is developed for preparing thin-film solar cells. The new semiconductor thin-film devices are investigated for electro-optical application.
      • Phosphors for White-light LEDs
        For the development of LED industry, new phosphors are investigated for producing different emission wave lengths. The crystal structure, emission spectra, and microstructures of phosphors are analyzed.
      • Nanosized Electronic Materials and Electro-optical Properties
        The research for the nano-materials for semiconductors and the cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries is carried out. The preparation processes and the electrical properties are elaborated for semiconductor application.
    • Research Topic
      • Phosphors for White Light LEDs
      • Absorber Materials for CIGS Solar Cells
      • Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries
      • Nano-Materials for DSSC Solar Cells
      • Nanosized Photocatalysts
      • Nano-Materials for Supercapacitors
      • Nanosized Electronic Materials Processing
      • Semiconductor Thin Films Processing
    1. 科技部特約研究員
    2. 第九屆奈米產業科技菁英獎
    3. 台灣化學工程學會金開英獎
    4. 國科會傑出研究獎第三次
    5. 台灣大學終身特聘教授
    6. 國科會傑出研究學者
    7. 台灣化學工程學會化工技術獎
    8. 中國工程師學會十大傑出工程教授
    9. 國科會傑出研究獎第二次
    10. 第三十九屆十大傑出青年獎
    11. 台灣化學工程學會賴再得教授獎
    12. 國科會傑出研究獎第一次
    13. 指導學生林詣軒獲得中技社碩士班「科技獎學金」
    14. 指導學生陳富珊獲得中技社博士班「科技獎學金」
    15. 指導學生吳忠憲獲得達興材料博士班獎學金
    16. 指導學生林樂獲得國科會碩士論文獎
    17. 指導學生林裕凱獲得中工會台大分會化工組第三名
    18. 指導學生李嘉穎獲得國科會研究創作獎
    19. 指導學生孫裕昌獲得陶業研究學會論文研究所組第三名
    20. 指導學生陳逸舟獲得科林論文獎博士班第一名
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