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林祥泰 教授 / Shiang-Tai Lin Professor

林祥泰 教授
Shiang-Tai Lin
PHONE. (02)3366-1369
FAX. (02)2362-3040
OFFICE . 化工二館(鄭江樓北棟)
LOCATION. 化工二館(鄭江樓北棟)
PHONE. (02)3366-3065
    • Education Background
      • National Taiwan University   B.S. Ch.E., 1994
      • University of Delaware  Ph. D. Ch.E., 2000


    • Research Topic
      • Molecular Simulations and Property Predictions
        Our research focuses on the development of novel computational methods for the prediction of material properties and functions. Molecular design, i.e., the design of materials from the chemical structure of molecules, has become an important approach for the development of new materials. However, conventional approach of finding the link between property and molecular structure based on experimental trial and error is often costly and time-consuming. Recent advances in computational techniques provide a new alternative for material development. We have developed a reliable predictive method for the prediction of thermodynamic properties of phase behaviors of fluids. The statistical mechanical mode utilizes molecular interactions from modern computational chemistry and provides accurate predictions of properties within seconds. This method can provide thermodynamic information without input of any experimental data and can be useful for solvent screening and development of new chemical processes. In addition, we have developed a molecular simulation platform where one can create molecular models, conduct molecular dynamic simulations, and perform data analysis. This platform is useful for the understanding the microscopic properties and molecular structures of a material.


    • Recent Research Topic
      • Predictions of Liquid Phase Thermodynamic Properties from Exact Liquid Activity Coefficient Models, NSC 98-2221-E-002 -087 -MY3 08/01/2009 -07/31/2011
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    8. 指導學生許軒豪與黃晨軒獲台大化工系106 學年度學士專題競賽金牌 (2018)
    9. 指導學生黃晨軒獲台大106 學年度學士班學生論文院長獎 (2018)
    10. 台灣大學105學年度教學傑出教師 (2017)
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    12. 論文被Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics選為期刊封底(2017)
    13. 指導學生陳威霖,獲得2016 達興材料博士班獎學金
    14. 共同主持的氣體水合物研究團隊研究成果榮登 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 期刊封面,2016
    15. Editorial Board of Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers (2015)
    16. 論文被Journal of Computational Chemistry選為期刊封面(2015)
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    20. 趙紘毅、駱璇同學/指導教授林祥泰教授 2014GIMS12會議獲得學生海報第二名
    21. American Chemical Society, associate member (2000至今)
    22. American Institute of Chemical Engineers, life member
    23. 台灣化工學會終身會員
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