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吳嘉文 教授(國衛院 生醫工程與奈米醫學研究所所長) / Chia-Wen (Kevin) Wu Professor

吳嘉文 教授(國衛院 生醫工程與奈米醫學研究所所長)
Chia-Wen (Kevin) Wu
PHONE. (02)3366-3064
FAX. (02)2362-3040
OFFICE. 化工二館
PHONE. (02)3366-9534
    • Education Background
      • National Taiwan University   B.S. A.C.,1998
      • National Taiwan University   M.S. A.C.,2000
      • The University of Tokyo , Japan   PhD. M.S.E.,2005


    • Research Topic
      • Synthesis and Application of Mesoporous Materials
        Mesoporous materials have attracted much attention both in basic preparation and practical applications because of their large surface area, ordered structures, and uniform pore sizes. Our research focuses on the synthesis of such materials and we also attempt to apply these materials, in photo-electronic, energy, and bio-medicine applications. For the synthesis of the materials, we combine the bottom-up self-assembly chemistry with top-down lithographic technique to fabricate advanced functionalized mesoporous materials. The processes we used include both chemical synthesis and engineering fabrication. We therefore study the effects of various synthetic conditions on the phase transformation of mesostructures, the generation and analysis of mesostructures, and the functionalization of the obtained materials. For the application of the materials, we currently are interested in applying our materials in the following three areas: 1. Photo-electronic: Dye-sensitized solar cells. 2. Energy: Green energy, fuel cells. 3. Bio-medicine: Drug/gene delivery and controlled release. Based on the basic and practical researches, we hope that we not only produce new materials but also contribute to human health and environmental sustainability.


    • Recent Research Topic
      • 設計並合成多功能中孔徑固體催化劑於木質纖維生質物的高效率且高選擇性地轉換成生質能源(II)-酵素補助的纖維素轉換
        Kevin Chia-Wen Wu, sponsored by the National Science Council (國科會)
      • 合成多功能中孔徑氧化矽及氧化鈦奈米粒子做為高感度螢光探針並用於細胞內生物感測
        Kevin Chia-Wen Wu, sponsored by the National Health Research Institutes (國衛院)
      • 高效環保的生質柴油生產技術:原物料直接轉成生質燃料
        Kevin Chia-Wen Wu, sponsored by the National Science Council (國科會)(能源科技研究計畫,整合型計畫:子計畫三)
      • 應用生物可分解性中空中孔洞氫氧基磷灰石奈米粒子於胃癌併腹轉移的治療模式建立
        Kevin Chia-Wen Wu, sponsored by the National Taiwan University Hospital (台大醫院)
    1. 王毓璞同學/指導教授:吳嘉文教授參加2014年中華民國界面科學學會年會暨論文發表會在壁報展示競賽部分獲得佳作
    2. 為期刊Chemical Communications 撰寫專題文章並被期刊引用為封面圖
    3. 榮獲2014 日本化學學會The Distinguished Lecture Award (最佳演說獎) for Inorganic Porous Materials
    4. 白井宏明/指導教授:吳嘉文教授北海道大學日籍交換學生在台研究成果獲日學術會議肯定
    5. “Energy & Environmental Science"期刊封面
    6. “Green Chemistry “期刊封面
    7. 發表在期刊"Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM)"上的文章獲選為Best Paper Award 2014
    8. 碩士研究生鄧有衡同學/指導教授:吳嘉文教授 The International Conference on Nanocatalysts and Nanomaterials for Green Technologies」最佳海報競賽榮獲銀獎, 2014
    9. Best poster award:陳靖天同學 /指導教授吳嘉文教授 2014年台灣化學工程學會61周年年會暨國科會化工學門成果發表會 觸媒及反應工程組海報優等獎 2014/12/13-14.
    10. Best poster award:鄧有衡同學 /指導教授吳嘉文教授 2014年台灣化學工程學會61周年年會暨國科會化工學門成果發表會 薄膜分離組海報優等獎 2014/12/13-14.
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    12. ChemSusChem接受並選為期刊封面內頁文章(2015/03/18)
    13. 擔任國際重要期刊Scientific Reports的編輯委員(2015/06/069)
    14. SCI國際期刊Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) (IF: 5.578)的Editor and Editorial Board Member.
    15. SCI國際期刊Advanced Powder Technology (IF: 1.612)的Editor and Editorial Board Member.
    16. SCI國際期刊Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IF: 1.149)的Guest Editor.
    17. 1SCI國際期刊Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (IF: 3.752)的Guest Editor.
    18. 榮獲104度吳大猷先生紀念獎(2015/10/08)
    19. 臺大SMART Center」與日本研究機構NIMS共同合作完成研究成果-應用奈米顆粒萃取海藻油脂,可將廢食用油轉化為綠色能源,研究成果已發表於永續資源國際知名期刊ChemSusChem,獲選為期刊封面。(2015/11/18)
    20. 功能性奈米孔洞材料研究室(吳嘉文教授主持)學術文章被接受發表至Chemcatchem並被選為封面,2016
    21. 榮獲科技部「吳大猷先生紀念獎」,2016
    22. 指導王正彥同學,中油新能源創意競賽榮獲第3名實用獎,2016
    23. 榮獲第2屆台灣觸媒年會最佳研究論文獎,2016
    24. 指導 廖祐德同學,參加「第 34 屆觸媒暨反應工程研討會」學生英語演講競賽第一名,2016
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    33. 2017年11月: 榮獲化學學會傑出青年化學家獎
    34. 2017年9月: 榮獲化工學會賴再得獎
    35. 2018年5月: 榮獲106度科技部傑出研究獎
    36. 2019年: 李長榮教育基金會傑出青年教授獎
    37. 2019年: 2019 Outstanding Researcher Award from Asia-Pacific Associations of Catalysis Societies (APCAS).
    38. 2020年: 榮獲Materials Advances (RSC Publisher) 期刊選為2020年的傑出審稿者(Outstanding Reviewer)
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