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諶玉真 教授 / Yu-Jane Sheng Professor

諶玉真 教授
Yu-Jane Sheng
PHONE. (02)2366-0454
FAX. (02)2362-3040
OFFICE. 化工二館
PHONE. (02)3366-3062
    • Education Background
      • National Taiwan University    B.S.  Ch.E.,1986
      • National Taiwan University    M.S.  Ch.E.,1988
      • Cornell University Ph.D.  Ch.E.,1995


    • Research Topic
      • Polymer Physics
        The fundamental understanding of the thermophysical and dynamic properties of polymer systems are very important to their use in industrial applications and future development of materials. The goal of my research is to utilize computer simulations as well as statistical-mechanics based theories to obtain detailed information microscopically and thus provide a deeper understanding of the physical behavior of polymer systems.
      • Thermodynamically Equilibrium Systems with Charged Interfaces
        Many biological and colloidal systems involve the electrostatic interaction, which decays inversely proportional to the interparticle distance. Such long-range nature renders the studies of electrolyte systems challenging. We embark on our investigation from the mean-field theory such as Poisson-Boltzmann equation. Detailed knowledge, such as ion fluctuations and correlations, is obtained by molecular simulations based on the primitive model.


    • Recent Research Topic
      • Determination of biopolymer conformation and chain length by a nanopore :molecular simulations 以奈米孔洞辨識生物高分子之構形與長度 : 分子模擬 Sheng, Yu-Jane, sponsored by National Science Council #NSC98-2221-E-002-085-, NT$ 945,000, 8/1/2009-7/31/2010.
      • 梳狀型帶有聚醚鏈段之高分子及其共價鍵結奈米粒子複合結構之精準合成與應用(2/3) 奈米國家型科技計畫共同主持人 NT$ 7,000,000, 8/1/2008 – 7/31/2011
    1. 張弘郁同學 (諶玉真教授指導) 2014台灣化學工程學會61週年年會暨科技部化學 工程學門成果發表會學生英語專題報告競賽優勝獎
    2. 榮獲臺灣大學106學年度教學優良獎
    3. “Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of Polymersomes,” 獲選為2014年Soft Matter之 Highlight
    4. 2014 台灣化學工程學會 61 週年年會暨科技部化學工程學門成果發表會海報評審委員
    5. 熱力與界面領域之邀請演講者,化工年會,Nov. 6-7,高雄,台灣 (2015)
    6. “Blending-induced helical morphologies of confined linear triblock copolymers,” 獲選為2016年「台灣化學工程學會傑出論文獎」
    7. 獲得2011-2017年國立臺灣大學學術研究績效獎勵
    8. 2016 Fall Progress in Mathematical and Computational Studies on Science and Engineering Problems, invited speaker. Nov. 30 – Dec. 2 (2016)
    9. One of the top 100 reviewers for Langmuir in 2016
    10. 獲得2018-2020年國立臺灣大學學術研究績效加給
    11. 王亭雅同學 (諶玉真教授指導)台灣化學工程學會67週年年會暨科技部化工學門成果發表會在學生競賽-學生口頭(Oral)競賽獲得優等(Excellence award)
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